5 Grumpy/Sunshine MM Recs You're Sleeping On

5 Grumpy/Sunshine MM Recs You're Sleeping On

I'm going to be completely honest here - I had no idea grumpy/sunshine romances were a thing until I saw a recommendations video on TikTok. It got me thinking: "How many of the books I've read contain this trope??" So here we are. 

This is a list of male/male grumpy/sunshine romances you may not have read yet. Be sure to comment down below or message me on social media to let me know if any of these titles are getting added to your TBR!


#1. Spring Strings by Lily Morton

We're starting off nice and easy here with a quick and sweet novella.


Malachi is a gorgeous supermodel who's used to getting everything he wants. But surely, almost collapsing mid photoshoot on a freezing farm in Cornwall wearing nothing but the skimpiest pair of briefs and on the verge of a horrible bout of bronchitis isn't on that list... right?

Unless it comes with the owner of the farm - Cadan Landry. He's the most gorgeous man Malachi has ever seen (and also the grumpiest). But that doesn't stop him from caring for the supermodel and nursing him back to health, even when his struggling farm should be at the top of his list of priorities.

These two men are from completely different worlds, but how far will they go to ensure this spark between them doesn't burn out?


I absolutely adored this book! It features a fantastic make-up scene that I've gone back and reread several times over, as well as the found family trope that I've come to adore in romance novels. 


#2. Ranger by K.M. Neuhold and Nora Phoenix

This was my first Nora Phoenix book (far from my first K.M. Neuhold book though, let me tell you) and I absolutely devoured it! There might even be another of hers later on in this list...


Since his honourable discharge from the military, Ranger has tried everything to cure his PTSD - both professionally advised and... not so (i.e. sunning one's butthole).

When his brother recommends he look into getting a therapy dog, he sure as heck doesn't expect the dog to come with Julian: the quirky, sunny, and adorable trainer.

Ranger believe he's too stuck in his own head to even consider forging a new kind of relationship with Julian, but sometimes fate forces your hand when you least expect it.


I loved seeing Ranger's character develop and flourish in this book! It's a low angst standalone, although he does make an appearance in Heart, the third book in K.M. Neuhold's Ballsy Boys series. 

Other facets of this book include: Awakened sexuality, failed casual relationship, feel-good romance, ex-military (and associated trauma).


#3. Pick Me by May Archer

This is the first book in her new Sunday Brothers series - of which books 1 and 2 have already been released! Run! Add them to your TBR right now!


When Gage arrived in Little Pippin Hollow to start a temporary job at Sunday Orchard, it was meant to be just that - temporary. A chance to gain some work experience before heading into the city to begin a fast-paced full-time job. (Maybe also the chance to see some sexy lumberjack action. Or get involved in it, you never know.)

What he wasn't expecting was to be welcome into the town and to the Sunday family with open arms. Even less, was his growing feelings for Knox Sunday. The growly, burly man who was fifteen years his senior, and also his begrudging roommate.

But as much as Little Pippin Hollow is starting to feel like home, Gage had dreams and plans for his future, and Knox has a city life he'd only temporarily walked away from. Is there any way he could convince Knox to pick him and stay?


Gage's sense of humour in this book is unmatched. I adored his quick wit and the snarkiness between him and Knox. I found this book impossible to put down and was eagerly awaiting book two - which I have since devoured. 

Other facets of this book include: Age gap, failed casual relationship, feel-good romance, good make-up scene, opposites attract, slow burn romance.


#4. Moth by Lily Mayne

Honestly, if this book sounds like something you'd be interested in reading, I would go ahead and start from the beginning as this is book five in her Monstrous series and all of the other books are just as fantastic as this one!


When Charlie - along with his best friend and his big purple monster boyfriend - arrives at a Raider camp to deliver a message, the last thing he'd prepared for was to embark on a mission to free this camp's missing leader from a barbaric prison where humans and monsters alike are being held and made to fight one another.

He also doesn't expect to be making this journey alongside Moth - the prickliest and most arrogant guy he's ever met. Who also happens to be half-monster, and in love with a raider who most definitely doesn't love him back.

But the more time Charlie and Moth spend together out in the Wastes, the more Charlie comes to realise that there's more to Moth than meets the eye, and perhaps everyone else's perceptions of him have been completely off-base.

Now, Charlie wants to protect Moth, and to help him from whatever secret's he's keeping close to his chest - even though Moth insists he cannot be helped. 


This book is my second favourite in the whole series (Danny & Wyn in book one will always have my heart!). Moth is such a precious character, and Charlie is our pansexual hero. 

P.S. This is a dual POV novel, while the others are mainly sole POVs. 

Other facets of this book include: Enemies to lovers, failed casual relationship, first time scene, protagonist gets injured scene. 


#5. Hired: Hadley by Nora Phoenix

This is book two in her latest The Foster Brothers series. I'm assuming it'll be a four book series following the four brothers who aren't related by blood, but who found each other at a pivotal time in their childhood. 


When Hadley agrees to fill his friend's position as Sebastian LeClerc's PA while she's out with a horrible cold, he almost immediately regrets his decision. Sebastian is incredibly rich and incredibly charming (when he wants to be), but he can also be a complete a**hole, a total playboy and a horrible boss. At least, according to Hadley.

But then there are moments where he does seem to appreciate Hadley's hard work, both in and out of the office. And after a minor health scare, Hadley finds himself wondering if he's gone and done the most stupid thing imaginable - he's fallen for his boss.


This book flew by! I assumed I was cruising along, maybe 50-60% through the book when I look down and realise I'm almost finished! Sebastian and Hadley were such well-written characters, and I'm in love with Nora Phoenix's writing. This series has me hooked!


And there you have it! Five new (to you, hopefully) MM grumpy/sunshine romances for you to add to your TBR. Or in the case of Spring Strings, your cart! You can purchase Spring Strings directly from us by clicking here.

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