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A Novel Addiction

365 MM Romance Recommendations

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New to M/M romance? Or simply looking for some new-to-you recommendations? Download our FREE PDF list of 365 M/M Romance Recommendations.

This list includes 365 different standalones and series. Will there be repeating authors? Absolutely. But every single page features a completely different novel. 

Here's what you can expect in this document:

  • The title, author, book cover & page count of each book
  • A blank rating section where you can colour in your star rating out of five and your spicy rating out of three
  • A section for you to write down which tropes/aspects featured in the book
  • A section for you to write down your most important thoughts about the book
  • A section for you to write your favourite quote/s from the book
  • If it's a series, a list of each main book within the series. (For a majority of the books, mid-series novellas are not included in this list.)

To fill out the document, you can either:

  1. Print it out and fill it in as you go
  2. Upload it to Adobe or Canva and fill it out online