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A Novel Addiction

Daughter of Darkness by Allie Cole

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I vowed to avenge my parents, readying myself year after year. And now I'm going to die. I should have heeded my father's warning when I stumbled upon the Fae warrior, but I froze. I remember every horror tale recounting the atrocities committed by these monsters, abducting, torturing, and exploiting humans. My survival instinct was screaming loud inside, yet I couldn't move. His strange crimson gaze fell on me as I contemplated his large double-bladed sword and my last moments on this earth. And just when I thought the last thing I'd ever see would be his deadly stare, his voice resounded in the air, and my heart stopped. "Where did you get that sword?"
___ Wielder of Shadows is the coming-of-age story of a fiery huntress forced to ally herself with the one being she hates and fears the most.