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A Novel Addiction

Every Last Beat by Nicole S. Goodin

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I try not to think too hard about the fact that in order for me to live, someone else had to die.

Everyone gets to live.
Some for longer than others.

For Violet, born with a life threatening heart defect that has controlled her twenty-one-years, life has been anything but easy.

When reality is a high-risk game of trial and error, Violet finds solace the only way she knows how - with a brush in her hand.

But everything can change in a heartbeat.

Surrounded by loving family and the best friend a girl could ask for, Violet must ask the universe for the biggest favour of all - the one that will keep her alive.


This is about what my heart wants, not what it needs for once, and all that my heart wants in this moment, is him.

Life and love don't always go hand in hand.
If you're lucky you might get both.

It's been three years since the transplant that saved Violet's life... three years since the man with the blue eyes disappeared from her sight but not her dreams.

Violet is living the life she never thought she'd get - while Rylan is merely surviving his.

Fate collides past and future together in a way neither thought possible, leaving them both questioning everything they thought they knew - and all that might be.

Romantic, surreal and heart-warming, Every Last Beat will make you believe there's something bigger out there for all of us.

Also available in a two part duet - My Heart Needs and My Heart Wants.