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A Novel Addiction

From Twine to Gold by Rory Ursula

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A celestial war. A 300 year old curse. Two sisters destined to end both, or break the realms trying.

As the second princess of her kingdom, Perdita is seen as nothing but the spare. But unbeknownst to her people, she possesses a rare ability — she can read the minds and desires of those around her. When Perdita is mistaken for the crowned princess and taken from her home, her older sister, Genevieve embarks on a quest to save her from her captors and uncover the dark history behind their kingdom.

For years, Daius has wandered the land, lost and without hope of finding a cure to his deathly curse. All of that changes when a bounty gone wrong leads him to a mind-reading princess who might just be the key to solving all his problems.

After losing every sense of home, Phyllis is determined to live for nothing but themselves until they meet more fae like them. When all that's left of them is their ability to cause madness and panic, Phyllis must choose between saving themselves once again and protecting those who have shown them that they do not have to be alone in this world.

Zarean has been running from his past his entire life, haunted by the ghost of his mother and the standards set by his father and sister. In the end, he must decide if his loyalty to the crowned princess and his commitment to doing what is right are enough to overcome the darkness that threatens to destroy them all.