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A Novel Addiction

He Loves Me Not/He Loves Me? series by Carmen Rosales

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Forbidden love never felt so right...

Rubi Murray struggles to keep her homelife a secret—even from her best friend and soulmate, Ky Reeves. When the two met as children, social and financial differences couldn't deter their friendship and devotion to one another. But Rubi will not dare admit that her family refuses to accept Ky as her "pretty little rich boy" friend—let alone as her boyfriend. Day in and day out she endures the pain and abuse her stepfather inflicts upon her so she can have just one more moment with Ky.

But all good things must come to an end...

When Ky receives a handwritten letter that Rubi is gone, his anger and abandonment threaten to destroy him. After all of their time together, he deserves more than just a note with a silly dried daisy as a symbol of their friendship. Now, it's up to Ky to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart. Was their relationship a simple game of "He loves me; He loves me not?"

Or was there always more that neither of them could ever confess?