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A Novel Addiction

Houseplants and Hardcovers by Daphne James Huff

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When your online crush is your real-life rival, things are bound to get a little tangled.

After a brutal breakup, Juliet Chapman is sticking to the safety of an online life: her job, her friends, and Plantsguy95, the charming anonymous plant expert who’s been helping keep her Maranta leuconeura alive. Her only in-person interaction is with her local Friends of the Library group, who just inherited the gorgeous Periwinkle Mansion, full of old books and secret reading nooks.

For decades, Lucas Geiss and his family have sought solace amongst the sprawling, plant-filled rooms of their beloved garden club. So when the late owner inexplicably leaves the entire property to another local organization, Lucas isn’t going to let it go without a fight. Step one: annoy the living daylights out of the thorny yet enthralling Juliet, sent to help him clean out the house.

As far as Juliet is concerned, the quicker she clears the Periwinkle Mansion the quicker she gets the prestigious editing gig offered in return for her services. And the quicker she can escape the company of her prickly helping hand: the irritating—and irritatingly handsome—Lucas.

With no close friends in town, Juliet turns to Plantsguy95 for advice about the house drama with the garden club. But as feelings take root, Juliet and Lucas’s online and offline worlds collide, putting their budding relationship to the test.