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A Novel Addiction

Lessons Learned by Katie Cawood

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Never fall for the teacher across the hall.

Sarah is a fifth-grade teacher whose heart is even bigger than her favorite oversized coffee mug. With unwavering determination, Sarah makes it her personal goal to help Bentley, the class bully, find a sense of belonging—even if it means giving up her prep time to sponsor yet another school club. Helping Bentley make friends proves to be an even bigger challenge than she expected. Thankfully, she has Owen, her teacher bestie across the hall, who's always there for a vent session.

This year, Owen is struggling to balance teaching with his increasingly popular STEM podcast. When the prospect of becoming principal falls into his lap, he has a difficult decision to should he play it safe and accept the position, or take a risk and make the podcast his full-time gig? Becoming principal would take any possibility of turning his crush on Sarah into something more completely off the table. Forever.  
Owen and Sarah's friendship is complicated. Everybody seems to have an opinion about their closeness—from Sarah's boyfriend, Eli, to meddling students trying to play matchmaker. But nobody is as confused by their relationship as Sarah and Owen themselves.  This year, things start to get a little messy, forcing them to address their unspoken feelings once and for all.