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A Novel Addiction

Love Like Yours series by Nicole S. Goodin

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When fate decides for you...

Ellerslie Rush left it all behind. The pain, the heartbreak, the anger...

The last thing El is looking for is love, and she's especially not prepared to get caught up in her best friends hotter than hell big brother.

Lawson Pierce doesn't give a crap about love. It's the absolute last thing on his mind. He tried it once and swore never again... so why can't he get his little sisters best friend out of his head?

She's heartbroken and stubborn. He's wounded and proud... the last thing either of them is prepared for is finding that once in a lifetime, fairy-tale love.

They both have demons in their pasts, will that be what comes back to haunt them? Or will some unforeseen force be what tries to tear them apart?