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A Novel Addiction

Love & Picket Fences by Mandy Romano

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After becoming New York Times best-selling author, Adella Jean Andrews finds herself wanting to become more than a one hit wonder. Leaving her small town in Tennessee, she moves to New York in an attempt to further her career. She spends six years in the big apple. Six life changing years that inevitably set her further back than the first day she arrived. After hitting her final straw, she decides its time to return to the life she had at one point run away from. Complications rise when she returns home after realizing her families new hire is also her high school bully. And part of the reason why she left.

Beaux Jones life has been anything but easy. And although he's no Prince Charming, he is a hard working man who knows how to run a farm. When Beaux get's hired to work at the Andrew's family farm he doesn't expect to find more than a steady income, but then he becomes a part of the family. A family that had accepted him and made him one of their own. Life seems perfect until their hot-tempered daughter returns from the city for a visit and makes him feel anything but welcome. As Adella makes her way back into Beaux's life, he begins to question everything he thought he wanted.