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A Novel Addiction

Love's a Gamble series by Saxon James

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This series is being rebranded as the Reckless Love series. New covers will be published with new titles, although the content of the stories will not change. These are the original Love's A Gamble covers.


Losing a long term boyfriend to my football career highlights one thing: it’s impossible for me to have both. With only a few years left to play, I decide to throw my full focus into the game. Then I meet Elliot. The flirty texts are immediate, trusting him comes easily, and when we’re together, I’ve never experienced something so explosive.

Until he drops a real bomb on me. He’s a bookie. And suddenly, being closeted is the least of my worries.


I have a plan. Make a large amount of money in a short amount of time, set myself up for life, and then get the hell out of bookmaking. Good at it or not, it’s illegal, and that’s a very gray line I’d prefer not to keep crossing. Especially when I meet Taryn. He’s the first guy who’s been able to steal my focus away from my goal, and I’ll do anything to deserve him.

Even quit.

But the thing about illegal jobs is, they’re not always so easy to walk away from.



Series Tropes

Bet On Me: Athletes, Failed Casual Relationship, Friends to Lovers, Strangers

Calling Your Bluff: Athletes, Friend's Ex, Friends to Lovers