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A Novel Addiction

Malice & Surrender Duet by Brooklyn Cross

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My life had been a series of tragic events. When Snake stormed back into my world, I was forced to stare into his vengeful blue eyes and the word agony took on a whole new meaning.

Innocence is a funny word. It means something different for everyone, but for me it meant growing up far too young. It meant falling in love with a boy, and then having my heart ripped out of my chest in such a painful way that I never thought I’d recover.

That was until Avro came into my life. He helped me believe in humanity and goodness again, but most of all he helped me find myself. He urged me from the dark where I’d been hiding and piece by tiny piece my heart began to heal.
Being with Avro seemed like a fantasy, but when the fantasy became reality, it brought the complication of Jace. Jace Everly, Avro’s long-time friend and lover was a walking contradiction. To the world he was a rock star and wore his arrogance like a shield, but I quickly learned there was far more behind those silver eyes than the jerk that picked at my wounds. Jace saw me in ways that I tried to keep hidden, ways that terrified me.

Any nervousness over Avro or uncertainty of Jace seemed trivial when Kai, the boy I’d loved as a girl found me again as a woman. Kai was no longer the boy that melted my heart. He was now Snake, the walking embodiment of my nightmares.
Snake could be summed up in one word…vicious. Ten years in prison and inducted into a motorcycle club as an enforcer would do that to someone, but there was more to it than that. The anger, hurt and betrayal that we both felt burned white hot, and he was out for my blood.

I thought I knew fear, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the reaper of souls that came knocking on my door.


The glimmer of hope I held was shattered.

Happiness was yanked away from me all over again by the same person that broke me at fifteen. Whether he’d done the deed or not didn’t matter. My mind only saw his face lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike.

Kaivan McMillan ripped open the scars on my soul and let them bleed.

There was not a part of me left that didn’t ache, not a piece that wasn’t shredded by the cruelty of fate…or was it?

When you ran from your past, you’d better be prepared for it to chase you, and chase me they did.
Would I survive another round with the demons of my past, or would they take me down forever?