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A Novel Addiction

Mine Would Be You by K. Jamila

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Valentina Scott is a cynic for love.

After her first and only relationship left her burned and broken, she is hesitant to open herself up to the idea of love again. Even throwing herself into work at Poze, a major fashion magazine, drunken nights with her friends in the city, and long therapy sessions, haven’t quite changed her mind—Nina still tries to keep the walls around her heart sealed up tight. A wedding invitation sends her straight to the past and to the bars. And the blurry night ends with sea-blue eyes, blonde hair, and a bright smile.

Jackson Ross holds the sun in his hands.

He’s overly optimistic and wouldn’t know a rain cloud if it hit him. And he’s anything but deterred by her negative outlook on relationships. If anything, it just enchants him more. When he finally begins to whittle his way past her walls, life comes crashing in when he least expects it.

Will Valentina take a chance and let Jackson in? Will Jackson make his way through the rain? Or will life and all its disasters come crashing down and shroud them in the darkness just when they were ready to step into the sun?