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A Novel Addiction

Nashville Star series by Ava Hunter

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It's been nine months since country superstar Luke Kincaid lost his wife in a tragic plane crash. Unable to cope with the pain of losing her, Luke is damn close to giving it all up—the music, his band, even his life. Until he learns his wife is alive. He rushes to bring her home, only to find himself heartbroken as the woman he loves has no memory of him or their life together.

Sal wants to remember this tall, tan country singer who’s true, kind and hot as hell. As Luke struggles to help her revive her memories, as well as his own flailing music career, danger threatens their second chance. The madman responsible for Sal’s disappearance has found her, and will stop at nothing to claim what is his.

With Sal’s life hanging in the balance, Luke vows to do what he couldn’t do the first time—protect his wife at any cost.