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A Novel Addiction

Nevermore by Shanen Ricci

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Aurore Bardot is not the main character. She is stuck on the bad side of the tale, identifying way more with the villainess, which is inconvenient for a romance author. Her lack of inspiration is a curse she’ll have to end to give hope to her sister by proving to her that reality can be just like a fairy tale.

But there is a plot twist in the shape of the man she loathes most in the entire universe.

Spectre, an anonymous artist, who made a name for himself by unwittingly making her his masterpiece known worldwide as The Sad Girl in a moment she would have preferred to forget forever. On a whim, Aurore decides to write this stranger a polite letter by flattering his qualities as a despicable person.

She would have never expected him to reply to her.

Even less, for him to offer her a golden opportunity in exchange for being his muse.

On paper, he’s the opposite of her chaotic self—he is icy-cold, unemotional, and leaves no room for imperfection. And yet, they have more in common than it seems. One thing being that neither of them was ready to feel their heart flutter.

Even worse than that, he may be Aurore’s only chance to get her happy ending in a way she never imagined.

After all, the man she hates had always wanted her, and this time, he won’t let her go.