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A Novel Addiction

Of Fire and Lies series by Neena Laskowski

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"Kallie would no longer have to fear the fire consuming her, for she would become the fire. And she would set the world ablaze and watch it burn before her."

Kallie's next assignment from her father, the king of Ardentol:

Choose a suitor,
Capture his heart, then
Take his throne.

Although the Great War that split Vaneria into seven kingdoms ended one hundred years ago, its shadow looms over the people. Due to her unique gift from the gods, Kallie has become her father's errand girl and his key to uniting the kingdoms once again. For years, she has trained her body, her mind, and her ability to manipulate people, but she wishes to be more. To have more control over her life and more power. The success of this assignment will finally prove that she is capable of just that.

However, the mission quickly goes awry when an enemy kingdom captures Kallie on her way to her chosen suitor's palace. As her captors drag her across Vaneria, she must face the truth that there might be more to her story than she once thought. And while she may be a master of manipulation, she is not immune to it.

Now Kallie must decide: is she the one doing the manipulating or is someone else manipulating her?