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A Novel Addiction

Our Satyr Prince by Dylan Drakes

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Aurelius Savair, twenty-one, can have any man he wants. Disinherited for his deviant lifestyle, the former heir to the throne of Mestibes has schemed and screwed his way back to prominence. But it isn’t enough – he yearns for all the power that was stolen from him. And suddenly, an opportunity comes to get it. War is looming, and the only man who can save his city is Calix Viralis, the mysterious crown prince of Ardora, the distant land of passion. Now, Aurelius must put his skills of seduction to the test. But in doing so, he will uncover Calix’s monstrous secret. And discover that his own ashen heart can burn once more.

Teigra Cosmin, eighteen, is living a wasted life. The best pegasus rider in Mestibes' history, she has been reduced to a groveling bachelorette by her power-hungry mother. Worse, she is plagued by the life-destroying mistake that she can never allow herself to forget. But this all changes when she is sent with her cousin, Aurelius, on a dangerous mission. Now, she must take control of her own destiny, and make the soul-wrenching decision between saving her family’s legacy, or the powerful woman who fills her with forbidden desire.