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A Novel Addiction

Poorly Wired Circuit by Cate Page & Maia Pavey

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California native Sarah Bailey has been floating aimlessly for the past 10 years, jumping from IT job to IT job, and loving every second of it. Still, she feels like something is missing, and not having an answer to this one single question is making her more than anxious. But when a flyer catches her eye in the middle of a D.C. coffee shop, she sees an opportunity for a job doing tech support for the widely-known Heroes Organization. Alejandro “Alex” Alvarez was born into the superhero life. His powers can be traced back through the generations of his family, and now he leads the very group of heroes his grandparents helped start when they first came to America. But life as a superhero and a single dad to a non-powered teenage girl isn’t always easy, and when the pressure boils over his powers react in the most embarrassing of ways. His only choice is to call the IT help desk to replace his destroyed computers, bringing him face to face with the over-analytical Sarah. The two of them fall into a whirlwind romance, where Sarah is forced to confront her free-floating lifestyle while navigating the highs and lows of dating a superhero. But can Alex learn to balance the two halves of himself while also giving himself permission to love again? Or is he destined to watch the same ugly horrors repeat themselves despite his best efforts?