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A Novel Addiction

Realmweaver series by Vanessa Roades

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It’s the summer festival in the elvish kingdom of Cypress. A month of drama, debauchery, and divine devotion—and half-elf Irving’s arrested on the first day.

They intend to escape their sentence before it starts, hoping their legendary prophet of a father never finds out. At least until a risky opportunity to change their fate comes along: help a priestess (of a goddess Irving once shunned) smuggle sacred Cypress devices into the human realm, and earn their ticket out.

Irving’s accidentally made themselves a pawn in a divine plot—an ancient, possibly-world-ending one. But even in Cypress, where the elves have long protected their realm from the human pantheon, Irving’s far from the only one pulled into their plans:

Rhoheme, a cursed inventor whose survival depends on outwitting the gods in their own realm;

Eirjatal, a firestarter sorcerer haunted by his bloody history with the very god he’s determined to protect Cypress from—alone;

And Vyriseh, a queen with musical magic hoping to play the game better than them all.