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A Novel Addiction

Royal Bastards MC: Reno, NV series by Misty Walker

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Wherever my Birdie runs, I’ll chase her.
Wherever my Birdie hides, I’ll find her.

Bridgette Davis isn’t immune to tragedy. Ever since her mother’s death, her father has done everything in his power to keep her away from the ugliness of the world.

That is until his company inadvertently develops a deadly virus that’s stolen by the notorious Corsetti family.

To keep his daughter safe and find the virus before it can be released, he hires the Royal Bastards MC, led by their president, Loki.

Loki isn’t happy about babysitting the brat. But the paycheck is decent enough that he’s willing to keep her locked up in the clubhouse for a few weeks until the danger is gone.

Except this little Birdie doesn’t want to be caged. Every chance she gets, she’s out the door, forcing Loki to hunt her down.

There’s only one thing to do. Use her as bait, and let her help the club find the virus.

He doesn’t expect her to be taken right from under his nose, and he certainly doesn’t expect to care so much when she is.

But the Corsettis failed to realize something after they took her. You don’t mess with a man like Loki and live to tell about it.

His club and his girl are under attack, and he’ll burn the entire world to the ground to save them both.

Will it be too late?