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Sacrilege: A Forbidden Dark Romance Anthology

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Sacrilege: A forbidden dark romance anthology featuring 14 dark romance religious taboo stories that will have you crawling to your next confession.

Corruption. Sin. Greed. Temptation.
Nothing is sacred in the Anthology of Sin. Not the priest who looks at you with hunger etched into his rugged face. Not the nun who hides her secrets in the scars on her arms. Definitely not the theology professor who keeps his student long after class is over.
A different kind of worship. A wicked type of praise. A devil's paradise and an angel's ruin.
Get on your knees, but don't bother calling out to Him. No one can save you from sin.

Delaney Dare
Beck Knight
Harlow Layne
C. Hallman
Lola King
Sienna Varrone
Mika Lane
Hayden Locke
RA Smyth
Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Amber Nicole
S.J. Ransom
JS Mercier
Teegan Wylde