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A Novel Addiction

The King of Black Diamonds by Nicole S. Goodin

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New country, new town, new school... all in my final year of high school. Just what every teenage girl dreams of.

I didn't come here with the intention to stir up trouble, but sometimes a fire needs a little friction to really ignite.

That's exactly what happens when I cross paths with him.

Cullen Carrington.

He's captain of the famous Westlake High Black Diamonds rugby team and the most popular guy in school - just ask him.

He thinks I'm the sassy new girl with a chip on her shoulder. He might be right.

I think he's an arrogant player who always gets his own way. Maybe I'll find out.

Drama. Betrayal. Deceit. If I'm going to survive five minutes around here, I'll have to show them I'm not afraid to strike the first match. After all, someone needs to remind these boys they're rugby players, not royalty.