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A Novel Addiction

The Stars Forgotten series by Caitlin Zura

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In a world where magic has long since disappeared, ten year old Elodae Kenton washes ashore on the beaches of Samarok, remembering only her name. She’s taken in by the King and raised alongside the princess as his niece.

Thirteen years later, Elodae battles to remember her past, as a threatening darkness begins to terrorize the city. The people of Samarok are forced to battle demons from the darkest depths of Hel in order to protect their kingdom.

Across the sea, a prince of the distant moon shaped island, Lunala, claims to have the answers that will save their people. In order to solidify the pact between their kingdoms, the King offers Elodae as a bride. But, Lunala has spent millenia veiling their Moon Kingdom from outsiders. No one has been allowed in – or out.

Until now.

A battle of the mind becomes a battle of the heart as Elodae learns to let a castle guard through the walls of her soul.

When Elodae’s worst fears come true at the hands of a cruel lord – she must decide whether or not to let the darkness consume her.