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A Novel Addiction

UnBreaking by L.D. Waters

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Emerald eyes watched me. His deep, husky voice rumbled across the forest, caressing my ears.

“Do you not wish to come out and play, darling?”

Time is a deceptive mistress. Nineteen-year-old Zurilya has learned this the hard way.

After a wish for a happily ever after goes terribly wrong, Zurilya is trapped in a caricature of a hateful marriage. With her five-hundred-year anniversary looming over her neverending existence, she’ll do anything to break the curse.

During a rare celestial event, where Fae venture into the human realm, Zurilya sets out to hunt the Fae that granted her the “gift.” She meets the handsome and seductive trickster, Calstar, but he is unable—or unwilling—to help. To force his hand, Zurilya magically binds him to her in an unbreakable vow. What forms is deeper than she ever expected.

She first finds the arrogant peacock not worth a second thought. But as she gets to know the cunning Fae, she discovers a darkness lurking behind his dashing smile.

They say time heals all wounds, but can love heal the damage caused by time?