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A Novel Addiction

War of Sins series by Veronica Lancet

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She's his greatest enemy...and the most beguiling woman he's ever met.
Hardened by his past, Rafaelo Guerra has only one objective—revenge against the brother who stole everything from him. And to put his plans in motion, he needs to partner up with a dangerous crime lord. But he never expected to see her again.
Noelle DeVille. His new associate's little sister, and the bane of his existence.
The only person in the world he hates more than his brother.
It doesn't matter that she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, or that she tempts him beyond belief. He knows that her innocence is just a mask.
But how is he supposed to resist her when he must marry her to ally their families?

Silenced and misunderstood, Noelle feels trapped by her overprotective family. She survived an abusive marriage that left her with deep scars, both mental and physical. But when Rafaelo Guerra storms into her life, she doesn't know if she can survive him.
He accuses her of heinous crimes she has no memory of, and he vows he will make her suffer.
Then why does her heart race whenever he is near? Why is her soul filled with longing for a man who abhors the sight of her?
Suddenly, she's trapped in an arranged marriage with her worst enemy. And it's not her life she fears for anymore, it's her already damaged heart...