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A Novel Addiction

Wolves of Winter Creek series by Sarah Spade

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I never believed in the paranormal mainly because I never had any reason to—at least, not until I received a telegram from a grandmother I didn't know existed, inviting me to a small town that was nearly impossible to find, full of shifters and witches that shouldn't be real.

Of course, I didn't know that until after I agreed to visit her in her secluded home.

When I pull into town, I almost regret my impulsive decision to take this trip. Bordered on all sides by rivers and mountains and dense forests, Winter Creek is a trap. Once you get in, it's just as difficult to leave. No one has cars here or internet service, and my own phone is a glorified paperweight as soon as I step off the train.

Speaking of the train... I discover too late that it arrives on its rickety tracks once a week if you're lucky. And, of course, there's the small matter of the town's curse .

Turns out there's a reason why my estranged grandmother finally got in touch with me for the first time in twenty-five years. In Winter's Creek, there's a curse involving a coven of witches, the feral wolf who haunts the dark forest, and a woman from seventy years ago who looks enough like me to convince my grandmother that I'm the only one who can break it at last.

When I refuse, I discover that my grandmother isn't just the head witch of Winter Creek—she's the one responsible for the curse that's kept the town in stasis for the last seventy years. To break it, she's willing to do whatever she has to, including sacrificing me to the big, black wolf that's been lurking in the shadows, watching me since my arrival. Because the beast in the woods is hungry, and I'm the perfect prey...