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A Novel Addiction

Wretched Kingdoms series by Avery Scarlett

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As descendants of gods who fell from grace, vampires and saints were predestined to loathe each other for all eternity…so what happens when two are fated for love? Lucian Claritas and Victor Nox couldn’t be more incompatible if they tried. Where one was arrogant and charismatic, the other was quiet and brooding. The saint was a refined heir while the vamp was a bloodletting enforcer. Their only similarity was an unwavering devotion to making certain their syndicate was thriving and secure…even if it meant bending a knee for peace. After Victor saves Lucian's life, the Vampire Lord offers him to the saint as a temporary bodyguard. Despite his total hatred for the plan, the vamp agrees if only to farm intelligence on behalf of the Nox. In a few months, his wretched elder brother would be married to the arrogant prick and Victor could return to normal life.

All was well…except two days earlier, Victor and Lucian had a one-night stand turned bonding—and the vamp has no recollection of it .