Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you order your books from?

It depends on the title! A majority of them are ordered from Ingram, however some are ordered from Booktopia Publishing Services, and others are ordered directly from the authors themselves.

Why are your processing times so long?

A majority of our titles are 'Special Order Title's (more info on this below!), meaning they need to be ordered direct from our supplier as they are not kept on-hand. Our processing times are 5-10 business days as that is how long the process takes from ordering your titles from our supplier in Dandenong, Victoria, receiving them from our supplier, and hand-wrapping and packaging each individual order. If your order has been delayed for whatever reason, we will always let you know.

I paid for Express Shipping, but it's taking longer than I thought to be shipped. 

Paying for Express Shipping guarantees that Australia Post will ship your order express after it has been packed and picked up from our location. Paying for Express Shipping does not guarantee that your order will be packed first, nor does it mean that our processing times are shorter. Processing times will be between 5-10 business days whether you pay for standard or express shipping. 

I've seen your wrapping paper in your TikTok videos - why is it crinkly?

I used to work in a library, and I'm sure you can guess just how many book deliveries they got! Every one of those boxes was filled with this brown kraft paper to protect the books and was being recycled when the boxes were opened. So the paper you're receiving your books in has been repurposed from my local library!

Do we get a discount if we buy the whole series in one go?

Yes, you do! If you purchase the entire series, you get 5% off the original price via our series bundles. To find the bundle, simply:

  • Search for the series you want to buy
  • Scroll to the bottom of the description
  • Click 'Add Bundle to Cart'

And your discount will be applied at the checkout!

Why are so many books 'Special Order Titles'?

My goal when launching this store was to make books more accessible to readers, and this is how I'm currently going about achieving this goal. Being such a small business, I'm limited financially as to the number and frequency of new titles added to the store. By making them available to you 24/7, you can order the books you love with the only catch being a slightly longer processing period. 

Why did one of my titles get refunded?

Our supplier's database is constantly changing, which means prices fluctuate, and availability comes and goes. If one of your books has been refunded, chances are it is no longer available for purchase through any of our suppliers. If your title/s do get refunded, keep an eye out for an email from us explaining why.

I want to order a Blind Box, but what if I receive a book I already own?

If you receive a book you already own in your Blind Box, you may be entitled to a replacement book or a store credit to the value of the box. You will only be eligible for this after sending the book back to us (at the buyer's expense), and it being received in pristine condition.